Our Web Design Service

We create the design and layout of a website with technical expertise and knowledge while keeping in mind the client’s requirements. We have a deep understanding of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) and are adept at using design programs for creating visual elements. With our skills and expertise, we capture the brand’s identity in the design elements of the website.

Our websites include:

  • Well thought out user journey
  • Complete brand messaging
  • Strategized website copy
  • Innovative, custom website wireframes
  • Customizable back-end
  • Full SEO optimization
  • Testing and training allowing for easy updates
  • Integrations into business process

We have experience in designing websites for a wide range of clients, from small business owners, hotels, e-commerce stores, and many international clients.



The first step always includes a detailed meeting where our team meets with the client to determine what goals they would like their website to fulfil. Our team offers expert advice at this point as to how which website direction we feel the client should take. From this meeting, our team defines the scope of the website and determines the timeline.


To give the designers and the client a clearer picture of what the website will entail, our content creation team works on creating content for individual pages that lay out the user journey of the website. Search engine optimization is always kept in mind and all pages are created with focus on a single topic.


Once website copy is finalized, we design a wireframe that gives you a clearer idea of what the website will look like once it goes into development. The wireframe lays out site structure in a way that displays the visual aspects of your brand. It is crucial that the client is happy with the look and feel of the wireframe before website goes into development.


Once all designs and content and have been approved, the development process begins. Our team of web developers get started on creating your actual website. This includes testing of all call to actions, plugins and more. All bugs are removed and a second round of testing is done. Analytics and SEO are also set up at this point.


Once your website is fully tested and receives client’s approval – it’s time to launch! All our websites include a sufficient amount of staff training for your team – this would include day-to-day things such as updating blogs, changing images etc. Clients also have the option of choosing to go with Kidani Media’s website maintenance package.